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£1 Drop Off Tax Proposed for Edinburgh Airport

Plans have recently come out about a proposed charge for drivers dropping passengers off at Edinburgh Airport.

The operator of the airport, BAA, is proposing to charge the general public and taxi drivers £1 each time they drop passengers off outside the terminal, to help with plans that will revamp the forecourt of the airport. Edinburgh is one of the first airports to propose such a charge. A free area would be kept, but it would be further away from the terminal.

The airport is considering a number of changes to its forecourt, and it was forced to change the way traffic approaches the airport following the Glasgow Airport terror attack of 2007.

However, the plans have angered local taxi drivers, and the RAC Foundation have stated that the plans may risk “irritating” paying customers.

Secretary of the Edinburgh Taxi Association, Raymond Davidson, said that many taxi drivers would, instead of paying the fee, drop their passengers off further away from the terminal, calling this “unfair” on those who bring business to the airport.

A spokesperson of the airport stated that they will be evaluating the plans over the coming weeks, in discussion with “customers, stakeholders and other forecourt users”.