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Airport drop off fee causes outrage for Edinburgh taxi drivers

Many Edinburgh taxi drivers are up in arms that operator BAA has chosen to approve the plans to introduce a £1 charge to drop off passengers at the main site of the airport for ten minutes. All motorists are included in such plans however directly effects the business of many taxi companies who rely on trips to and from the airport as a steady income.

Edinburgh airport has explained its changes as a necessary step in order to help reduce the amount of emissions at the airport and the money charged to motorists will go towards funding any improvements that the airport will need.

Robert Dunabie who is the vice chairman of the Scottish Taxi Federation has suggested that the £1 ten minute charge could have a negative impact on many taxi companies as they are likely to have to foot the bill of the charge themselves as its not fair to punish passengers for a charge that is has been introduced by BAA as its ‘not their fault that BAA has decided to do this’.

The implementation of such drop off charges has caused Edinburgh taxi drivers to become extremely frustrated and has started the rumour mill that Glasgow airport will follow suit however representatives from Glasgow airport have denied the claim assuring the taxi trade it will not be implementing the charges.

The charges are likely to come into force around October this year with many outraged motorists labelling BAA ‘greedy’. Drop off charges are likely to bring in a large amount of money for the company, in fact around £1 million a year will be brought in for the company via such charges.

The £1 charge will gain the motorist or taxi driver ten minutes waiting time however for those that choose to stay over this time they are likely to accrue a further charge of which the amount has yet to be decided.

BAA has confirmed that there will still be a free parking option in place and will be situated five minutes from the airports main site in the long stay car park. The area where a charge is accrued for dropping off passengers will be clearly labelled to avoid motorists being charged without knowing; it will be called the fast track zone and is designed to help encourage the use of public transport.