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Angry Passenger Tosses Spare Change At Cab Driver & Refuses To Pay Fare

Peter James Campbell was found guilty of assaulting cab driver Shazad Khan. The passenger is the latest in a long line of individuals who feel that it is ok to abuse cab drivers and not pay the requisite fare. Campbell completely overstepped the mark at the end of the journey when he refused to pay the full fare. Instead of being reasonable, he threw some loose change at the cab driver, hitting him in the face with the metal and causing a cut on his nose.

Campbell was defended by Graeme Parkinson who claimed that his client merely expressed his frustration and did so in a reckless manner. Campbell’s foolish actions landed him a date in Blackburn Magistrate’s Court where he was fined a total of £200 and sentenced to 12 months of community supervision. The total fine was divided into £100 for compensation and £100 for court costs.

It transpires that the argument took place over a few pounds and turned out to be a very expensive encounter for Campbell. He offered to pay only £3 for the fare which is generally lower than the minimum charge cabs have in order to pick up a passenger. Obviously, Khan wanted the full amount and a heated exchange ensued.

Campbell’s defence lawyer said that his client threw the change through the cab’s open window and expected it to hit the steering wheel or dashboard. Instead, one of the coins took a deflection off the window edge and hit the driver on the nose thus causing an injury. It may not have been Campbell’s intention to injure the driver but his actions were incredibly foolish and he has deservedly been punished. Hopefully, this will show the general public that showing disrespect to cabbies will not go unpunished but judging by the number of assaults on taxi drivers, this is unlikely.

Source: lancashiretelegraph.co.uk