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BBC Scotland Racks Up Million Pound Taxi Bill

BBC Scotland have previously been criticised for spending far too much money on taxis but this hasn’t stopped them from racking up monthly cab bills of over £50,000. While this is fantastic news for the region’s cab firms who are making the most of the network’s generosity, it has infuriated the public as taxpayer’s cash is being used to fund this extravagant bill. The cab cost of the network has risen by another £41,000 over the last two years.

This has brought the total bill for the last 24 months to an incredible £1.2 million. If that wasn’t bad enough, BBC Scotland are planning to relieve 120 people of their duties as they look to cut costs! The bosses at the Glasgow HQ suggested that the additional cost can be explained away by new shows being produced in England. From 2008-2010, the cab bill was approximately £1.17 million but it seems as if lessons have not been learned. The news and current affairs team spend almost 25% of the money on cabs while presenters racked up a bill of £74,000 in the last 2 years.

While huge sums of money are being spent on taxis, approximately 10% of the station’s existing staff are to be made redundant within the next 5 years as BBC Scotland looks to slash 16% off their budget. Naturally, critics have been quick to question the actions of the station. According to MP Pete Wishart, media spokesman for SNP, viewers are more likely to want the money to be spent on new services and cutting edge programs instead of taxi services.

The National Union of Journalist’s (comprised of over 250 members) Scottish organiser, Paul Holleran, said that BBC Scotland needs to look at all their costs if they are so intent on saving money. Kenny Jordan was also critical of the station, saying that jobs could have been saved if BBC Scotland was more financially prudent. The station attempted to defend itself by blaming the high transport costs associated with shows being made south of the border. A spokesperson for BBC Scotland stated that every effort is being made to reduce their costs. The amount of work generated within certain genres of program means that the level of spending is always going to increase according to the spokesperson.

Source: dailyrecord.co.uk