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Bournemouth Cab Driver Victim Of Theft

The Chairman of the Bournemouth Station Taxi Association, Ashley Miller, had his taxi broken into outside his home. He discovered that approximately £400 worth of electrical equipment had been taken. Thieves broke into Miller’s cab and helped themselves to a sat nav system and a personal digital assistant. While Miller slept, the crooks were able to force the driver’s window down and quickly take the equipment. Miller is surprised at the stealth of the criminals as they didn’t wake his Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

He works from the Station Taxi rank and is proud to be the chairman of the local cab association. However, he found that his seven seater cab was vulnerable to the whims of thieves. Miller currently rents out his vehicle and is one of the many owner-drivers in the UK. He loaned his Peugeot vehicle to a fellow cabbie on the night before the break-in.

The personal digital assistant is an extremely useful tool because it helps Miller to receive information about potential fares from cab firms. Unfortunately, he now has to pay to get that replaced while he will splash out more cash on a new sat nav system. He pointed out that his personal digital assistant is worth nothing to the thieves and he has cancelled the SIM card. However, he still has to pay for a new one and is anxiously waiting to hear if his insurance covers it.

He admitted that the theft hurt him badly and he briefly considered signing on the dole rather than going through the hassle of getting new equipment and getting himself back on track. Miller wants more CCTV cameras to be installed in the Springbourne area. He stated that he has lived in the region for a quarter of a century and has seen it deteriorate rapidly within the last 5 years. A spokesman for the Dorset Police said that the break-in was being investigated and asked any witnesses to contact them immediately.

Source: bournemouthecho.co.uk