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Bus Lane Camera Fines In Edinburgh To Be Cancelled

Huge numbers of Edinburgh motorists who have been hit with fines are likely to have their money refunded or their ticket cancelled. A total of five cameras were installed on the bus lanes on 23 April but have already resulted in a record number of complaints. On Willowbrae Road, there were two cameras but these have been removed because motorists who were crossing the driveways into their properties were inexplicably fined.

According to the council, drivers caught by either of these cameras will have their fine either refunded or cancelled if it hasn’t already been paid. Over 4,300 fines have been issued since the cameras went up. Almost half of these have not been paid while another 500 have been appealed against.

Many drivers complained because they were hit with fines simply for crossing the bus lane in order to get home. Lesley Hinds, the transport convener for the council, admitted that the Willowbrae Road cameras needed to be removed as they were making errors and issuing innocent motorists with £60 fines. Hinds continued by saying that the council will continue to look for a fair and workable solution. Hinds concluded by saying that drivers who have been issued with tickets at Willowbrae Road will have their money refunded or their ticket cancelled.

There are three other cameras in use on Calder Road and London Road. The council said that all three will remain active though they are working on adding new signs on the road to alert drivers to the bus lane cameras. In addition, the council announced that drivers who are issued with an initial ticket but commits more offences before receiving notification of their first ticket will not be asked to pay more than one fine. Once drivers receive their initial notification, all fines issued will need to be paid.

The Cameras were first introduced last month in order to ensure that only black cabs and buses were allowed to use the green bus lanes. It is hoped that this will improve the standard of public transport. However, the rate of £60 fines issued has surprised the council and if the fine isn’t paid within 14 days of notification, it doubles.

An estimated 4,500 fines were issued in each of the first three weeks. A female driver complained that she was issued a ticket after being caught driving on the greenway three seconds before the cameras are supposed to be turned on at 7.30am. In a previous post, we mentioned that a private hire driver had been caught 30 times, thus incurring fines of £1,800. 

Source: bbcnews.co.uk