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Cab Driver In Reigate Found Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Passengers

Mohammed Irfan Iqbal of Reigate has been found guilty of attacking and sexually assaulting women in his taxi. The trial took place at Guildford Crown Court where Iqbal was accused of attacking two female passengers in separate incidents which occurred around three years apart. The victims cannot be named at this time however for legal reasons.

On 25 March 2012, Iqbal picked up two females late at night. The women had been drinking and were clearly vulnerable. One of the women was dropped off first and told the cab driver to phone her once her friend had been safely brought home. He contacted her soon after 2am to tell her that the other woman had just left the cab and entered her home.

However, the drunken passenger was still in the cab and Iqbal showed predatory instincts to take advantage of the situation. The other woman admits that her memory is foggy but does remember her jeans being pulled down before she was sexually assaulted. She claims that no consent was given and she tried to fight him off to no avail.

Another incident occurred on 22 March 2009. The victim on this occasion gave her evidence in the court where she was shielded behind a screen. She remembers the night in question because she was not drunk although she had consumed a bottle of wine. She claims that a taxi driver picked her up in Reigate’s city centre and drove her out to secluded country roads. She was concerned and asked the driver where he was going. The cabbie claimed that he was going to a petrol station or the police station without much conviction.

After stopping the cab, Iqbal kissed her without permission and groped her thigh. He also tried to force his tongue into the victim’s mouth. She pushed him away and wiped her mouth with the sleeve of her jacket. This turned out to be a key piece of evidence as DNA testing showed the sample taken from this item of clothing was Irbil’s. He claimed that the DNA was transferred because he sneezed in the cab.

The court had heard enough evidence and Iqbal was given a five and a half year prison sentence. Judge Peter Moss told Iqbal that he was highly respected in the community but he has now destroyed that trust. He had initially pleaded not guilty to the charges but the DNA evidence forced him to change his plea. Although it is not known whether his lies added extra time to his sentence, Judge Moss made his displeasure clear in the court.

Source: thisissurreytoday.co.uk