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Cab Driver Likely To Receive Prison Sentence After Being Convicted Of Raping Teenage Girl

Liaqat Ali has been convicted of the rape of a 16 year old girl at Teesside Crown Court and will be sentenced at the end of November. It seems exceedingly likely that he will be facing a lengthy prison sentence given the nature of his crime. Ali tried to claim that the young girl forced herself on him. However, the court heard a different version; one where Ali forced the girl to perform oral sex on him in his cab.

The case lasted a full week and at the end, his was found guilty of rape by a majority of 10-2 in a decision that took approximately three hours. He is being kept in custody and will face sentencing in a couple of weeks. It was discovered that on the night of 2 March 2012, Ali picked up the drunken girl before driving her to a secluded area. She was falling asleep as the effects of the alcohol took hold and he took advantage of her vulnerability.

According to Christine Egerton, the prosecutor, he made her perform oral sex before driving her home. At this stage, the young girl told her mother what had happened and the police were called. She was distraught as she told her tale and her hair was covered with Ali’s semen. Ali was arrested and interviewed by police but he denied the charge though he did admit he picked up the girl. However, DNA testing soon linked him to the crime and he changed his story, claiming that the girl was the one who initiated the sexual act.

Ali stated that the girl was lying about the rape and it was her that began touching him. Egerton accused Ali of making up the story as he went along and claimed that Ali was hiding behind his interpreter as a means of avoiding answering the more difficult questions pertaining to the case. Officials from the Probation Service must prepare documents on Ali’s background before he is sentenced. Judge Moorhouse was presiding over the case and warned Ali that a prison sentence was almost certain.

Source: thenorthernecho.co.uk