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Cab Driver Who Asked Friend To Take Speeding Points Sent To Jail

Nisar Alam probably wishes that he didn’t phone a friend when he received four speeding tickets. Alam asked Zbigniew Matyna to take the blame because he was afraid he would be disqualified from driving for six months. However, his plan backfired spectacularly and he is now serving 12 months in jail and is disqualified from driving for two years!

Derby Crown Court heard how Alam tried to deceive the system after receiving four speeding tickets in the space of three months up to December 2011. He received papers issuing him with the penalties but he told his wife to send them back to police and claim that Matyna was driving when the speeding offences were committed. But both men were caught and convicted of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Matyna has no previous convictions so his six month jail sentence was suspended for 12 months. He was ordered to pay £310 costs and do 40 hours of unpaid work.

Alam was controlled in his actions as he tried to get his wife to take part in his scheme. Recorder Ciaran Rankin told Alam that asking a friend to take the blame was a repugnant thing to do. Prosecutor Sarah Allen told the court that Alam had existing penalty points on his license and was of the belief that further issues would cost him his license. All speeding offences took place at night and in the same area as he was working as a taxi driver during all of the offences.

Alam asked John Richardson of Avenger Taxis in Ilkeston to alter the records of the drivers. He admitted that he was responsible but Matyna had agreed to the switch and would take the points and the fine. However, Richardson not only refused, he contacted the police. Alam had told Matyna where the speed cameras were located. The duo had met and become friends when Matyna had performed some work in Alam’s home.

Christopher Gabbitas was representing Alam and admitted that his client’s actions were those of a desperate individual. Alam has been a cab driver for almost a quarter of a century and it dawned on him that his career could be taken away from him. Gabbitas said that Alam was foolish in his actions but he was a hardworking and honest man and is the sole provider for his wife and five children. Matyna was defended by Stephen Cooper who said that Matyna needed to send cash home to Poland or else his family would lose their home.

Source: derbytelegraph.co.uk