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Campaign to halt Edinburgh Airport charges under way

The £1 drop off charge that has been proposed by BAA has caused a lot of frustration to motorists, in particular taxi companies who rely on the business of travellers going to and from the airport on a daily basis. The £1 drop off charge could mean taxi companies forking out in order to keep the custom as outrage would continue if passengers were to suffer the charge.

The drop off area will be called the ‘fast track’ zone and it will be clearly labelled in order to highlight the charge expected to be paid by motorists, including Edinburgh Taxi drivers. The charge is due to come into play in October however will just be at Edinburgh airport and not relate to neighbouring airports such as Glasgow airport.

The £1 drop off charge has not just outraged taxi driver and other motorists, it has even been noticed by ministers who are joining those who wish to protest the plans. The Scottish Government has announced that ministers will not be providing support to the £1 drop off fee being introduced at Edinburgh airport. The Scottish Government also suggested that by implementing a more efficient and effective public transport service would better service the public in retaliation to the claim that BAA has introduced the charge in order to reduce carbon emissions and the use of cars. The Scottish Government has also stated that the charge being implemented into Edinburgh airport is a matter for them to deal with and is an issue of which they have no say.

The Liberal Democrats are one party that will not be supporting the BAA move to charge the £1 drop off charge, they have said that the move is ‘unfair and money grabbing’. Alison McInnes, transport spokeswoman, would like BAA to rethink their plans to introduce the charge as she feels it is quite simply ‘a money grabbing scheme introduced by the airport’ and states that it will do nothing to ‘tackle the congestion at the airport’.

The drop off ‘fast track’ zone that will charge motorists for dropping people off at the airport is thought to offer a lot more space and be under cover in order to avoid motorists double parking, dropping passengers off illegally and to help to avoid those exiting the car from stepping into traffic which is very dangerous for them and other motorists.