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Central Taxis In Edinburgh Proud To Have Been Shortlisted For Green Company Of The Year Award

It seems as if commitment to going green is not just a token gesture for some taxi firms. Central Taxis in Edinburgh is the largest black cab company in the city and is CarbonNeutral. They were shortlisted in the Green Company of the Year award along with companies such as Vegware, Skanska and Lothian Buses. This award was part of the inaugural Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. Although Central Taxis ultimately lost out to Vegware, the nomination is recognition of their great work.

One of the main reasons for the company’s nomination is that it clearly seeks out opportunities to make its business more environmentally friendly and completely understands the impact that the taxi business can have on the environment. The chairman of Central Taxis, William Purnell, spoke of his delight to have been recognised by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce which he described as a highly respected organisation within the business community. He said that the company’s aim was to provide everyone who lives in the city and all visitors with a green form of taxi travel.

Central Taxis is more than 40 years old and was founded when approximately 30 cab drivers decided to form their own company. The business grew over the years and is now the largest black cab in the city with an impressive 420 Hackney cabs for hire. Central Taxis also had the honour of being the first cab company in the whole of Scotland to be awarded CarbonNeutral certification

The company’s list of green achievements is long and impressive. For example, Central Taxis offset almost 1,800 tonnes of CO2 last year. The average age of a company cab is just four years old and each new vehicle is guaranteed to be compliant with Euro 5 standards. The company has dramatically reduced its paper usage simply by offering online invoices. This e-invoice is currently used by more than 40% of their customers.

Their dispatch system ensures that taxis are sent only to their nearest pick up point at all times. Contract customers have agreed to share cabs on certain occasions, thus reducing the number of journeys required. Even the company premises are taken care of with an active switch off/ shutdown campaign in operation which ensures that computers etc. are turned off after use.

Source: carbonneutral.com