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Councillor In Stoke Abused Power To Help Friend’s Son Get Taxi License Back

Majid Khan is a councillor in Stoke-on-Trent and has been accused of breaching the council’s code of conduct by getting involved with a license reinstatement decision despite having a prejudicial interest. He did not admit to knowing Azan Ahmed’s father when voting to reinstate Ahmed’s license despite the cabbie being convicted for assault just six months previously. Indeed, Ahmed’s assault was on another cab driver and left the victim with a broken jaw.

Khan now faces a hearing this week to decide on whether he should be removed from the council. Amjid Wazir is another council member accused of knowing the Ahmed family and not mentioning this to other members. Khan was supposed to be the city’s Lord Mayor but has relinquished this duty in order to clear his name. The allegations centre around an April 2011 hearing where Azan Ahmed managed to get his license back after two failed attempts. He was one of three men convicted of causing actual bodily harm to cab driver Mohammed Bashir in September 2010.

Khan admitted to being a family friend of the Ahmed’s and was on very good terms with Zulfacar Ahmed, Azan’s father. He even took the Ahmed children to school on some occasions in the past and attended funerals and weddings involving the Ahmed family. Although he admitted having a personal interest at the meeting, he did not declare that he had a prejudicial interest which would have disqualified him from the vote.

Joy Garner is one of Khan’s fellow councillors and she was surprised and disappointed by Khan’s actions. She stated that the licensing committee followed legal advice when it came to deciding on Ahmed’s license. Garner also said that she was against the reinstatement but Khan voted in favour of it. Bashir was also disappointed by the council and feels as if he has been badly let down.

Clare Clarke is the monitoring officer and was responsible for investigating the case. However, her report seems to put Khan in the clear as it states that his declaration of personal interest was enough. Khan received a formal warning in April 2012  but denies all wrongdoing. He claims that while he attended the home of the Ahmed’s for funerals and weddings, he did not visit regularly and did not visit their home socially. He also claims that his visits were primarily to collect money for the mosque and he would only have spoken to the Ahmed family in their home or in the mosque, not on the street.

Source: thisisstafforshire.co.uk