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Disgraced Cop Given Taxi License By Edinburgh City Council While Suspended From The Force

Police and Edinburgh City Council have been criticised for allowing a disgraced police officer to become a cab driver as well as still receiving payment for being a public servant. PC Greig Anderson has been suspended for three and a half years yet has received £115,000 as his suspension terms allow him to be paid his full salary. However, he has still been able to get a taxi license in Edinburgh even though he is a  convicted criminal. The Lothian and Borders Police have not mentioned whether or not they have objected to Anderson being given a taxi license.

David Strang, chief constable, has the option to object to any taxi license being given to a police officer if he feels the person in question is not ‘fit and proper’. Yet the police force and Edinburgh City Council are both remaining tight lipped on whether or not any objection has been raised. Anderson was convicted in March 2011 of neglect of duty after evidence items such as cocaine and cannabis were found at his girlfriend’s home and his family home.

Sources inside the Lothian and Borders Police have described the situation as amazing. A senior insider said that Anderson was clearly not a fit and proper person and finds it astonishing that he even got this far without an objection being raised by the chief constable. The insider pointed out that if Anderson did something that warranted him being booted out of the police force, he shouldn’t be allowed to be a taxi driver and deal with the public. Also, as Anderson is a suspended police officer, he shouldn’t be allowed to do any other work.

The Edinburgh City Council gave Anderson his taxi license in October 2011. His application was entered in June, just three months after he was convicted and sentenced to 140 hours community service. According to the MP for Edinburgh South, Iain Murray, this entire episode reflects badly on Lothian and Borders Police. In his opinion, the police need to answer questions on why it is taking several years for this disciplinary procedure to take place and why Anderson received a license when it is clear that he should not be granted one.

PC Chris McGinn was another police officer who was caught dealing drugs and Anderson got caught up in it. Anderson was suspended in October 2008 and has incredibly been given full pay ever since. In the meantime, the disgraced officer has moved to Dalkeith from Musselburgh and celebrated the birth of a new child. It’s remarkable that despite being over a year since he was convicted, Lothian and Borders Police are still finalising internal misconduct proceedings. This means that Anderson continues to bleed the taxpayer dry to the tune of £35,000 a year plus pension payments.

Iain Whyte, a councillor and head of the Lothian police board, admitted that the police have taken far too long with cases of misconduct and should aim to have proceedings completed in three months. According to the Scottish Police Federation, all police officers, even suspended ones, need to have permission from their chief constable to do another job. The Lothian and Borders Police spin doctors are attempting to keep Strang out of the public glare and say that Steve Allen, deputy chief, can also approve of officers working on other jobs. Anderson is not believed to have requested permision from the chief constable with Edinburgh Council at least admitting that he had received a license. Unsurprisingly, Anderson would not comment when pressed by various media outlets.

Source: Daily Record