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Dundee Taxi Driver Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Teenage Girl

Taxi driver Christopher Doyle told a 17 year old female passenger that he waived taxi fares in return for sexual favours. This was after the teenager told him that she had no money after being driven home from a nightclub. Doyle proceeded to place his hand on the girl’s thigh and genitals and after the girl ran away from his cab, he ran after her, catching the terrified girl and pressing himself against her as she was trapped against the cab.

After admitting carrying out the assault in October 2010, Doyle was placed on the sex offender’s register. The case was heard in Perth Sheriff Court which heard how Doyle pounced on his victim as she was left alone with him. He carefully drove his cab towards a secluded lane before switching off the cab lights. The girl cannot be named for legal reasons but it is known that she was at Fat Sam’s nightclub in Dundee on the night of the attack. She was with a friend when the two of them were picked up by the driver.

According to Carol Whyte, Fiscal Depute, the victim’s friend was dropped off first which meant Doyle was left alone with the girl. The victim was sitting in the back seat but moved to the front because she was wary of the child locks. She then asked Doyle to drive to Longforgan but then told the driver that she had no money and decided to be let off at a bus stop. At this stage, Doyle asked her if she lived far away.

Suddenly, the driver announced that he had permitted previous passengers to avoid paying the fare in return for sexual favours. He used the term ‘freebies’ and the girl immediately knew he was referring to sex. She told him that she was not interested and said that she would pay the fare. Unperturbed, Doyle told the victim that a previous passenger was forced to pay the fare by performing a sex act on him. At this point, he stated that ‘£10 and a snog’ would be enough. Doyle drove his taxi into a quiet lane and told the frightened girl that no one could see them.

The victim paid the fare yet Doyle still switched off the cab’s internal light, groped the girl and attempted to kiss her. She moved away, opened the door and tried to run away. The driver quickly caught her and began groping her again, placing his hand against her genitalia through her underwear. He then kissed her before she pushed him away. After arriving home, her parents could see that she had been in trouble and contacted the police. The girl and driver had DNA samples taken and they were found to match. Doyle’s sentencing has been delayed until August 29.

Source: news.stv.tv