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Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth is a science centre based in Edinburgh. The Dynamic Earth centre attracts a lot of visitors each year and the space is also used as a conference centre. The centre, along with some of Scotland’s other famous attractions, is situated close to Holyrood, an area that is located to the east of the city centre of Edinburgh at the end of the famous Royal Mile. Dynamic Earth is next to the Scottish Parliament building and at the foot of Arthur’s Seat, the main peak of a group of hills that go to make up Holyrood Park, about a mile east of Edinburgh Castle.

Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh opened in 1999. The Centre was one of the initial projects that were funded by the Millennium Commission in the UK, an organisation set up to help communities at the end of the twentieth century and into the twenty first century. Envisioned as the centre piece of a plan for urban regeneration, which was meant to enliven the former industrial land at the lower end of Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile, close to many famous historical landmarks.

The Dynamic Earth centre itself is housed within the William Younger Centre, a landmark building in the area. Designed by Hopkins Architects, a high end British architectural company that was formed in 1976. The structure of the building is a steel membrane supported by masts and stretched across a steel skeleton, finished with a translucent roof and glass walls. The structure of the centre makes it an ideal conference and events venue for the people of Scotland as the space is extremely adaptable.

The main idea and central focus of the Dynamic Earth centre is to provide the public with a better understanding of earth science. Earth science is about the processes that have served to shape the earth as we know it and a special case in planet science because earth is the only known planet that contains life. Earth science uses the tools of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and chronology to build our understanding of how the earth works and what contributed to our planet reaching its current state. Dr Stuart Monro is the Scientific Director at the Dynamic Earth centre in Edinburgh and he is a leading Scottish figure in geology and science communication. Dr Monro was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.

Visitors to Dynamic Earth are taken on a journey through the past and present of planet earth through impressive technology and many interactive exhibits, including both 3 and 4D experiences. Visitors can experience earth’s beginnings through the Big Bang and follow the evolution of our planet up to the present and with glimpses as to what the future might hold. Adults and children alike can experience what it might have been like to feel the tropical heat of the rain forests or to be confronted by a huge dinosaur, or fly over Scotland’s prehistoric glaciers. There are plenty of facilities and events at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh providing a fun and educational family day out.