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Edinburgh Airport announces new hotel development plans

Plans have been unveiled to build a new hotel and conference centre next to Edinburgh Airport by Vivanian Development who are based in Glasgow. The hotel is thought to help accommodate the many passengers that urgently require somewhere to stay as there has been a real shortage in room for the vast amounts of travellers.

A conference centre will also take pride of place next to Edinburgh airport and be able to provide an adequate meeting arena for small meeting parties to large banqueting halls that are able to hold numerous amounts of people, up to around seven hundred attendees. The shortage in accommodation available for people travelling through Edinburgh airport has been highlighted by many people and is a welcomed decision from the airports operator BAA.

The hotel will not be a sub standard accommodation. It will in fact have a variety of luxurious services available on site including a restaurant, leisure facilities, conference facilities for business travellers and a hundred and sixty eight bedrooms which many will find extremely helpful when trying to book a place at the convenient spot. The plans are in direct response to complaints that there is not enough services next to Edinburgh airport that make travelling a lot easier. Many people have early flights to contend with and staying at the hotel will make it easier for them to help make their flight.

The new hotel is also likely to be a big hit with neighbouring businesses such as the Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters and the Royal Highland Society Showground. It is also hoped that the hotel will attract more tourism to the city as it will provide more convenient accommodation due to its location to the airport.

Vivanian Development is not the only company that have highlighted the need for more accommodation surrounding Edinburgh airport and have made plans of their own. Theakston Estate are now planning to build a four star hotel that encompasses around a hundred and fifty rooms. They are also planning a three star hotel on Almond Avenue that has around two hundred rooms. With such big plans on the way for hotels around Edinburgh airport concerns that there is not enough accommodation for travellers are sure to be eased, reassuring those that have struggled to get a room in the past that they will find a convenient hotel.