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Edinburgh Taxi Driver Hit With £1,800 Greenway Fines

The new bus lane cameras which have been installed in Edinburgh have caught out a private hire taxi driver who must now pay a whopping £1,800 in fines. The cameras were installed in the city’s Greenways just two weeks ago but already, the same taxi driver was caught illegally using the lane 30 times. According to the Edinburgh City Council, the fines will not be waived because only black cab drivers are allowed to use the bus lanes, not private hire drivers.

There are more than 80 persistent offenders in the Greenways bus lanes with another private hire driver caught 13 times. Every transgression equals a £60 fine so the second driver must pay a total of £780 in fines. Three more drivers have been caught seven times and will face fines of £420 each. Three other drivers were caught six times and will need to pay fines of £360 each while one driver was caught five times and must now pay fines of £300.

Edinburgh’s Greenways can only be used by black cabs and buses as the City Council looks to continue their drive to get locals to use public ransport rather than private cabs. According to a spokesman for the Council, buses are now being used 35% more often than in the 1990s when bus lanes were first introduced. He continued by saying that these lanes can only be a success if a limited number of vehicles are allowed use them.

He continued by saying that private hire cars are not allowed use these lanes because this would reduce the overall effectiveness of the bus lanes. The spokesperson said that private hire cars look like regular cars and if they were allowed to use the lane, regular motorists may follow suit in error. He concluded by saying that while black cab numbers are limited by the Council, the same cannot be said for private hire cars. Allowing them to use the bus lanes may encourage more people to drive private cars, thus clogging up the bus lanes and eliminating their effectiveness.

Source: bbc.co.uk