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Edinburgh Taxi Drivers & Their Vigilance Helping With The Murder Of Maciej Ciania

The city of Edinburgh was shocked by the murder of Maciej Ciania, a Polish man who had moved to the city. His body was found in his flat in Leith on 14 January this year by a flatmate and the police described the murder as a particularly gruesome and brutal one. At the time, the police appealed to anyone in the area who might have seen a man in his early 20s with a dark jacket and grey trousers. They were particularly interested in talking to Edinburgh taxi drivers and believed that a man with a spider tattoo was responsible for Ciania’s death.

Understandably, the police force were keen to solve this crime as soon as possible due to its severe nature and it appears as if their pleas have been answered. Preliminary reports suggested that Grzegorz Gamla may have been involved and the police stepped up their pursuit. He was located by the police, questioned and charged with the murder in April. Gamla appeared at the Edinburgh Sheriff Court in front of Sheriff Alistair Noble and the accused is currently in custody awaiting trial.

Ciania’s family live in rural Poland and were devastated to have lost a loved one in such a manner. It is believed that the victim’s body had been in the flat for at least two days before it was found. According to the police, Ciania has ‘suffered considerably’ at the hands of the killer and although Gamla is in custody, it remains to be seen whether or not there is enough evidence to convict him of the crime. Although the police did not comment on the assistance provided by the cab drivers of Edinburgh, it is known that the vigilance of drivers is essential as they can be reliable witnesses to crimes and perhaps prevent some from taking place.

Source: bbc.co.uk