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Edinburgh teen admits that he extorted money from gay and adult chat-line users

19 year old Kelz Sutherland pleaded guilty to nine charges of extortion that took place between the dates of 1st January 2008 and the 31st December 2009. He appeared at the Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Tuesday and was found to have managed to extort around £87, 700 from men all over Britain between the ages of thirty two and sixty five. Kelz Sutherland also stated that he tried to extort an added £28,000 for two different men.

In order to gain the money Kelz Sutherland told the men that he had recording of them discussing under age sex with both boys and girls. He then informed them that unless they paid him substantial amounts of money he would hand the information over to the police where they would probably face charges. The men were threatened by Blackmailer Sutherland and many were worried that he would follow through with the threat of also telling their family, friends and employer.

Kelz Sutherland was rumbled after a significant period of time once one man who was being targeted told a friend who then urged him to inform the police. The man was asked by Sutherland to pay a whopping £8,000 however he did as his friend told him and made a report. The police consequently launched a surveillance operation that would monitor the man’s phone, calls from Sutherland demanding money eventually led them to his home address in Edinburgh’s Bath Street. At Kelz Sutherland’s home a list of the phone numbers, home addresses and places that the gentleman worked were found to be stored on a personal laptop.

Fiscal Depute Graeme Jessop spoke of how the men were ‘steered into conversation about under age sex’ when they called the chat line. This seemed to be done by one person however then another would manage to interrupt informing them that they were being monitored and this would mean that conversations would have to be reported to the police. In order to prevent them being reported Sutherland asked for money.

The Fiscal went on to state that the men involved in the extortion became very stressed and the event had had a detrimental effect on their health; the stress of the incident is thought to have been a contributing factor to one man developing epilepsy me sitting her and not them?’. He also questioned why the men felt obligated to hand over the money to him.

Sutherland’s defence Fiona Cooper tried to make the court see that the men had contacted the chat line and were not coaxed into saying anything inappropriate.