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Edinburgh’s festival has been neglected by agencies

The head of the Edinburgh International Festival has lashed stated that Scotland’s tourist board and development agency have not done nearly enough in order to support Edinburgh’s festival. He feels that they have not been promoting the festival effectively and was very ‘shocked’ that Visit Scotland and Scottish Enterprise have shown a severe lack of interest in the time honoured tradition.

Jack Mills who is the artistic director has shown a bemused attitude to the agencies that are have failed to drum up interest in the Edinburgh festival and feels that many people are becoming very complacent, replying on returning guests to fill the many shows or attractions.

Many other people are now backing the views of Jack Mills, for example Charlie Wood who is the executive director of the Underbelly has agreed that not enough has been done and was disappointed that when he approached Visit Scotland several times regarding many festival attractions being undersold he was simply ignored; receiving no response.

The Edinburgh festival generates a good income for the country, around £184 million is generated each year therefore many people feel it would be a shame to not promote the hard work that is put into it.

The situation in recent years has thought to have improved according to a statement which has been released by the EIF on behalf of Jack Mills however he still feel more need to be done to ensure that more people return to the festival each year and support the many different act involved.

In retaliation to such claims the acting chief executive of Visit Scotland Malcolm Roughead stated that they were certainly not being ‘complacent’ and have managed to help to deliver a ‘wide range of support’ to the festivals. He also added that the Edinburgh festival was also widely advertised in emerging markets, this included countries such as Russia and China. They are also targeting more established countries such as the USA and Australia. They have also put 48-sheet posters with the image of the Fringe all over London and that they are hard to miss.

Visit Scotland also manage to give an awarded fund to the festival of around £65,000 in order to promote the festival using PR resources, joint digital marketing and many other ways in order to spread the word. Scottish Enterprise also added that it has taken part in such initiatives to promote the festival.