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Fake Taxi Driver Raped Woman In Edinburgh

Sajjad Afzal was found guilty of raping a 20 year old woman in Edinburgh by pretending to be a taxi driver. He picked up the unfortunate woman outside of a nightclub by posing as a cabbie. Afzal had been prowling the streets of Edinburgh all night looking for a suitable victim. The incident happened in May 2010 as Afzal showed predatory instincts to locate the woman and drive her away.

She asked to be taken home but Afzal refused and drove her to a friend’s house in Musselburgh where he proceeded to rape her. The jury at the High Court in Edinburgh were thoroughly convinced of Afzal’s guilt by the evidence that was presented and had no hesitation in finding him guilty. Lord Pentland was the judge on the case and sentenced Afzal to 7 years in prison.

Lord Pentland spoke of his disgust at Afzal’s actions and said that the defendant had been found guilty of a horrific sex crime against a young woman that was completely unknown to him. He added that Afzal took advantage of a lonely, frightened and vulnerable woman and ignored her frightened pleas to be taken home. Lord Pentland concluded by saying that Afzal preyed on his victim in a bid to find sexual gratification and added that the fact the case took 2 years to come to court was a public concern.

John Keenan was defending Afzal and told the court that his client was about to become a father for the first time at the end of 2012. Keenan also stated that Afzal maintained his innocence despite being found guilty and added that the length of time it took to come to trial had a devastating effect on the family. Afzal had pleaded not guilty to the charges but the pleas of his lawyer feel on deaf ears as Lord Pentland handed down a severe sentence.

Source: local.stv.tv/edinburgh