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Humberside Police Tell Cab Drivers To Report Every Attack

Drivers have been told by Humberside police that they need to start reporting crimes against cabbies. This appeal came after yet another taxi driver in the area was attacked. The police are extremely concerned because robberies and assaults on cab drivers have increased dramatically in the last year.

Some of these drivers are no longer able to work because they are still suffering from the trauma of an attack. One of most shocking attacks was perpetrated by Chasey McIver who stabbed one driver and held a knife to the throat of another while trying to steal money. It was revealed that McIver was high on M-Cat at the time of the attacks.

Another incident occurred in Grimsby last Sunday night when an unnamed cab driver was randomly attacked while sitting in his car. He was parked in a Lidl car park shortly after 5am in the morning when a man walked over to his cab, opened the driver’s seat and proceeded to punch and kick the driver. Although he didn’t suffer any long-term damage, the driver did miss a day of work.

The cab driver in question was understandably shaken up and can’t believe someone would just walk up to another person and attack them for no reason. He said that the man seemed to be just another customer and asked how much a trip to Immingham would cost. The man thought it would be £10 but the driver said it could be as much as £17. Without any warning, the man opened the driver’s door and started kicking and punching the taxi driver.

It was the first time in 13 years that the cabbie had any trouble on the job and he will not be put off by this random attack. He believes the man was just looking for a fight and the cabbie was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The police and other cab drivers were at the scene seconds after the attack.

Police are looking at CCTV and are appealing for witnesses. A spokesperson for the police in North East Lincolnshire said that it was impossible to prevent all crimes but they would thoroughly investigate every incident. He also said that the police wanted cab drivers to come forward any time they have been on the wrong end of an incident whether it is a threat, an assault or a robbery. Incidentally, a 22 year old man was arrested for the attack and has been released on bail though there will be further questioning.

Source: thisisgrimsby.co.uk