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Husband of MS sufferer given jail term of four and a half years

John Millar, husband to MS stricken wife Phyllis was yesterday sentenced to four and a half years in prison. Mr Millar is sixty seven years old and is thought to have crumbled under the constant pressure of caring for his ill wife who needed a lot of attention due to suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Mr Millar attempted to kill his wife by smothering her with a pillow however Phyllis managed to break free and prevent him from being successful.

As the main carer to his wife John Millar is thought to cared for her for many years and then began to struggle with the constant pressure. His wife Phyllis is aware of what he tried to do however would like to take her husband back however judge Lady Smith decided that the actions of John Millar were of course “unusual and sad” but there was no excuse for his actions that would have killed his wife had she not managed to shout ‘stop’. It is thought that Phyllis managed to put one of her hands between her face and the pillow in order to help her breathe and call to her husband. The judge concluded that if Phyllis had not managed to do this then John Millar may have succeed in his mission to murder his wife.

John Millar pleaded guilty to the allegation of of attempted murder of his wife Phyllis Millar. The event took place over a year ago on the 28h June 2009 in their home which is a ground floor apartment in Revelston Garden, situation in Edinburgh. The couple met around thirteen years ago however did not tie the knot until August 2008. Phyllis Millar had been married before and now has three grown up children to her former partner however her children and John Millar were not on good terms.

Phyllis Millar was diagnosed as having MS in 1984 and relied heavily on the care of her husband John who was her full time carer as Phyllis relies on a wheelchair to manoeuvre around inside and outside.

This was not John Millar’s first brush with the law, he was charged in 1991 for fire-raising and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital during this time for alcohol related issues and also depression. On the 28th June John was thought to be very tired and asked his wife if she wanted to life to which she answered ‘yes’.