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Is The Era Of The London Black Cab Finished?

Regardless of whether you are from Edinburgh, Dublin, Bristol, New York or even Beijing, it’s likely you have heard of the famous London black cab. For decades, the humble black cab has been one of the most notable symbols of London transport and was a symbol of reliability and comfort. It is a wonderfully designed piece of machinery and carries with it an air of dignity and even elegance.

However, there is a possibility that the black cab could become an endangered species after an announcement by Manganese Bronze. This company creates the black cab from its main base in Coventry but they have now stated that they are going into administration. Manganese Bronze have created black cabs since 1948 but it has not made a profit in five years. Discussions have taken place with its largest shareholders but no emergency funding has been forthcoming.

Should the company go to the wall, the black cab will be no more. There are currently an estimated 21,000 black cabs roaming the streets of London. This would be a crying shame because this fabulous mode of transport really stands out amid a sea of generic and plain cabs around the country. The black cab is also far superior in design to the awful yellow cabs of New York. Some of the UK’s most famous and wealthy celebrities own a black cab of their own including Kate Moss. Should the black cab become a thing of the past, passengers will certainly miss the comfort and leg room afforded to them.

Black cab drivers have also found fame due to their remarkable knowledge of the city’s streets. They have to take an extraordinarily difficult test called The Knowledge which can take up to four years to fully study for. After all, learning all the routes in a city the size of London is not something that can be crammed! Black cab drivers are also known for their conversational skills and are not afraid to let their opinions on any given subject be known, even when speaking with complete strangers!

Hopefully, Manganese Bronze can stay afloat and continue to produce the amazing black cab. If not, London is in danger of losing one of its most enduring symbols.

Source: guardian.co.uk