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London to Get Hydrogen Taxis by 2012

New plans to cut out London’s taxi tailpipe emissions by 2020 mean that a fleet of hydrogen fuel cell powered black cabs will be seen across the roads.

A prototype has recently been revealed at City Hall. The Fuel Cell Hybrid London taxi is a result of work done by a number of companies. This type of vehicle emits only water from the tailpipe, drastically cutting down on pollution.

The measure is hoped to retain the convenience and history of the black cab, whilst cutting down on their contribution to pollution. Diesel fumes from both taxis and buses are a large contributor to pollution and reduced air quality in the city.

The prototype vehicle can travel at speeds of up to 80mph and can be recharged in five minutes. Officials claim that these statistics are more than enough to cope with the daily challenges associated with running a black cab on London streets.

However, further funding will be required to put a network of refuelling points into place. So far, almost £5.5 million has been put into the project, which will be put into place in time for the Olympics in 2012.

London also has plans to add five hydrogen buses to the roads later this year.