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Man On Trial For Allegedly Racially Abusing & Assaulting Polish Cab Driver

Jack Alexandrovic is a cab driver who works in Swindon and he had a nasty encounter with Darren Simpson on 10 May 2011, an altercation that resulted in armed police being called to the scene in Cirencester. Simpson is on trial this week in Gloucester Crown Court where he is accused of attacking and racially abusing Alexandrovic on that date. The court was told that a man and woman were picked up by the cab driver in Fairford but walked away when asked for the £26.60 fare after dropping them off in Cirencester.

Martin Sheen was acting as prosecutor and told the court that when the cabbie followed the couple looking for the money, a number of people came out of a flat located on Stepstairs Court. Darren Simpson was one of this number and is alleged to have walked towards the cab and attempted to take the keys out of the ignition. Simpson was allegedly told that a female passenger had been kidnapped by Alexandrovic.

Simpson admits that he was relatively drunk at the time and told a doctor in the police station on the evening of May 10 that he had also taken illegal drugs. The defendant is said to have swore at the cab driver before threatening him with physical violence. At this point, the driver left the scene as he was under the impression that he would be assaulted if he didn’t. However, Alexandrovic had only driven 150 yards when he noticed Simpson approaching the vehicle with an eight inch knife. Naturally, the driver was extremely worried and he called the police.

The police quickly arrived at the scene and because there was a weapon involved, they were armed. The house where Simpson had been drinking was surrounded and the suspect was arrested. The case took a surreal turn when Simpson claimed Julia Roberts arrived to tell him that someone had been kidnapped by a cab driver. Simpson claims that he went outside to see what was going on and admitted trying to take Alexandrovic’s car keys.

However, Simpson claims that the driver punched him in the chest and drove away. Simpson then returned to the flat and continued drinking alcohol. He claims to have no memory of shouting racist comments at the driver. He also denies charges of possessing an offensive weapon, battery and racially aggravated assault. The trial continues this week.

Source: wiltsglosstandard.co.uk