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Ocean Terminal

Edinburgh’s Ocean Terminal in Leith Edinburgh is a shopping centre that was designed by Sir Thomas Conran, the founder of London’s Habitat. Sir Thomas Conran is an English designer, writer, restaurateur and entrepreneur. The area where Ocean Terminal sits is the site of the former industrial docklands and situated to the north of the city of Edinburgh. The centre is at the edge of what was the boundary of both Leith and Newhaven ports. Leith is to the north of Edinburgh at the mouth of the Waters of Leith, and is the port of Edinburgh in Scotland. Leith lies on the South Shore of the Firth of Forth and comes under the authority of the City of Edinburgh.

The land where the Ocean Terminal now stands was once the Henry Robb shipyard, which eventually closed in 1983. Since the shipyard closed the whole area has been under part of an urban renewal and regeneration programme in the hands of Forth Ports, which is one of the largest port operators in the United Kingdom and is listed on the London stock exchange. There have been several other developments in the area besides the Ocean Terminal shopping centre and they have all played a part in the regeneration of Leith.

Her Majesty’s decommissioned royal yacht Britannia, the eighty third such vessel since King Charles’ restoration in 1660 can be accessed from the Britannia visitor centre situated in the Ocean Terminal. The yacht is permanently berthed adjacent to the Terminal and can be seen from the centre. The yacht is berthed in a spot that was originally designed to hold cruise liners and because of that Forth Ports are planning to construct another terminal next to it for cruise liners.

The two major department stores in the Ocean Terminal shopping centre are Debenhams and British Home Stores and there are eighty five shops in total. Other shops include high street nationals such as H&M, Dorothy Perkins, New Look and French Connection as well as card shops and phone stores. The shopping centre is also home to three coffee shops, four restaurants, a few bars, a cinema and a day spa. The Ocean Terminal shopping centre has a stunning waterfront location and the area includes a skate park. The centre’s website advertises various events and celebrations, such as a Valentine’s Day celebration, other celebrations depending on the season and weekend clothing promotions

There is plenty of free parking for people shopping at the Ocean Terminal and the area is well served by a number of Lothian buses, which is Scotland’s only municipal bus company. The buses serve the centre of Edinburgh and also West Lothian towns such as Broxburn, Uphall and Livingston, and there is also the stagecoach service to Fife.

Future plans for the Ocean Terminal shopping centre includes an Ocean Terminal train stop that will be served by Edinburgh trains and there are plans to expand the Terminal shopping centre by constructing a new wing on land that has been reclaimed from the port.