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Over 70% Of Scottish Cab Drivers Feel Unsafe At Work

A survey showed that a huge percentage of cab drivers do not feel safe when the time comes for their shift to start. One taxi driver spoke of the time he had a gun held to his head after an argument arose over a measly £4 fare. The survey was performed some time ago by a student from Edinburgh Napier University and is an interesting look into the lives of cab drivers in Scotland. Other reported incidents by cab drivers include one driver who was punched through a partition, elderly people who dodged fares and teenage girls who were drunk and extremely abusive. The driver who spoke about the gun incident remembers it to this day. He has looked for a £4 fare and in return, felt the cold metal of a gun on his neck as the passenger put it through a hole in the partition.

A student from Edinburgh Napier University spoke to 75 taxi drivers as part of the survey with almost 90% of those interviewed stating that they have been abused by a drunken passenger either verbally or physically. Some 70% stated that they felt unsafe while at work. Although male passengers tend to cause drivers the most concern, they have also reported unruly behaviour by an increasing number of females. One driver in Glasgow spoke of how women in groups of three or more cause trouble and states that he ensures one of the group looks after a girl if she passes out from alcohol consumption. In fact, a Dundee driver stated that dealing with abusive teenage girls is more difficult than drunk adult males because he is unsure how to deal with them. Many drivers have been falsely accused of sexual abuse by inebriated teenage girls.

98% of cab drivers have had passengers who have dodged fares while almost 50% of drivers say this is a regular occurrence. Drivers were also concerned with the level of damage caused to their cabs. The student stated that she was shocked at the behaviour drivers are forced to put up with. She believes that no one should have to put up with such issues while at work. According to Bill Purnell, chairman of Central Taxis, intimidation and violence is commonplace, especially when drivers have to work the night shift. He concluded by saying that CCTV needs to be included in cabs as drivers deserve to feel safer at work.

Source: news.stv.tv