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Passenger assaults taxi driver and leaves him disfigured

Nathan Mackay, aged 22, was out celebrating with his girlfriend Rebecca French’ 21st birthday on the 22nd July 2009 when a horrific attack on a taxi driver in Edinburgh took place. After a night of bickering with his girlfriend Nathan Mackay variously attacked taxi driver Alan Gunn who was there to pick them up and take them home after their night out together.

Nathan Mackay begrudged paying the taxi fare of £10.50 as he thought it was very high and an argument began which then resulted in Nathan repeatedly punching him in the head; Alan then fell to the ground where he was barely conscious. Alan Gunn has now been left disfigured by the brutal attack which took place at Sinclair Place, Edinburgh, where Nathan and Rebecca also lived together.
Nathan Mackay pleaded guilty to the attack on Alan Gunn however did show remorse and regret towards his actions. Mr Mackay is thought to have been in a very irrational state after continuous arguing with his girlfriend Rebecca throughout the course of the night.

Rebecca French’s part in the attack did not go unnoticed and she was consequently charged with the assault on Alan Gunn however at the Crown court she chose to plead not guilty. This was accepted by the Crown court.

Nathan Mackay is thought to have been heavily drinking on the night of the attack in order to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday but they began arguing with her which he blames as a contributing factor behind lashing out at Alan Gunn. A £10.50 taxi fare is sure to seem like a small price to pay compared to the disfigurement of victim of Alan Gunn. Sheriff Derrick McIntyre described the photographs of Alan Gunn as ‘ pretty horrific’ and feels the injuries caused were due to a ‘ferocious attack’.

Alan Gunn was helped by a neighbour in the area who was a witness to the attack, he was then taking on to Royal Infirmary given seven sutures for a deep cut above his right eyebrow which has now left an unsightly permanent scar.

Sheriff Derrick McIntyre has now decided to defer the sentencing of Nathan Mackay, background reports and pleas in mitigation can then be heard.