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Private Hire Cabbie In Hull Jailed For Raping Young Woman

Hadi Mohammed was a private cab driver in Hull until the night he illegally picked up a young female passenger and her male friend. They were returning from a night out in Hull City Centre when the cab driver took their fare. He insisted on dropping her friend off first so that they would be alone in the cab. Mohammed, who counts bodybuilding among his hobbies, pulled over and jumped into the back seat to carry out his vicious attack.

Mohammed was jailed for eight years after a trial heard by Bradford Crown Court and the young woman believes he had previous victims because he was so confident during the attack. She hopes that if there are other victims, they will now come forward and tell their story to extend his sentence. She admits that such an event would significantly aid her in the healing process.

The young lady and her friend had just left Rumours bar where they were waiting for a taxi they had booked. Mohammed pulled up in his cab and offered them a lift. This in itself is illegal because as a private hire cab driver, he was only allowed to pick up pre-booked fares. The victim hopes that the attack will act as a warning to other women who normally get into any cab they are offered. She believes there should be tougher penalties for drivers who break the rules and she can no longer use a taxi on her own.

Mohammed, who is an Iraqi Kurd, joined taxi firm 60-60-60 in August 2011 and has been in Hull since 2000. DNA evidence proved to be his downfall. During the attack, he used a condom but threw it out the window after the assault. The police were able to use it to catch him because his DNA was already on their file because of his previous convictions which include driving in Hull without a license.

Detective Constable Neil Kitching said he deliberately used the situation to get the girl alone. He used his position of trust as a taxi driver to take advantage of a vulnerable female passenger who was also intoxicated. Kitching described Mohammed as a sexual predator and admitted his concern that the driver had access to a number of drunk and vulnerable women during his stint as a cabbie.

The victim fought her fears and testified against Mohammed in court. She is delighted with the verdict and also thanked the police for their support throughout the trial. The manager of 60-60-60 taxis, Shabir Hussain, said that this was a terrible incident but was adamant that his firm performed all the requisite background checks including the standard CRB check. Hussain said that his firm is very strict when it comes to checking out prospective employees and is saddened that Mohammed slipped through the net. However, Hussain was delighted that he was caught and punished.

Source: thisishullandeastriding.co.uk