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Taxi and Lorry Drivers Save Man And Woman Trapped in Burning Vehicle

During the early hours of Sunday morning a man and a women were involved in a car crash, on the A7 near Hawick, that left them trapped in the vehicle as it set fire. Thankfully they were rescued from the vehicle by passing drivers.

The car quickly caught fire after the crash happened at 2am, but a taxi and lorry driver noticed what was happening and quickly stopped to help the pair.

The two passersby smashed the sunroof of the vehicle, dragged the man and woman free, and called an ambulance. Lothian Borders Fire and Rescue Service was also called to put out the fire on the burning car.

The two were then taken to Borders General Hospital to Recover. Thanks to the heroic rescue attempt, the couple escaped with minor injuries.

A spokesman of the fire service said “One male and one female were rescued by a passing lorry driver and taxi driver who smashed the sun roof and pulled both free of the car.” They added that the two were currently recovering in hospital from “superficial injuries”.