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Taxi Driver Admits Murder Of Tragic Sian O’Callaghan

Christopher Haliwell has admitted the murder of Sian O’Callaghan, a young woman who was found dead after leaving the Suju nightclub in Swindon on 19 March 2011. She was reported missing and hundreds of people volunteered to search for Sian at Savernake Forest. However, hopes of finding her alive were cruelly dashed five days after her disappearance when her body was found in Uffington.

Sian left the nightclub shortly before 3am and was picked up by the predatory Haliwell who was seemingly looking for vulnerable women to prey on. She got into his taxi and he took her to Savernake Forest where she was murdered. Haliwell was not on duty at the time because his shift had ended. However, he cruised the streets after dark to find victims.

After killing Sian, Haliwell hid her body and looked for suitable areas to dispose of his victim. He is believed to have made four visits to site where the body was initially hidden. He moved the body from Savernake Forest to Uffington two days after the killing. The callous killer then attempted to cover up the murder by cleaning his taxi and burning the seat covers.

Despite his efforts, Haliwell was still deemed to be the prime suspect within a couple of days and he was placed under 24 hour surveillance. Sian’s body was found naked from the waist down. A swab was taken from an injury caused on her chest and Haliwell’s DNA was found on it. This proved that he was involved in some capacity. Presumably, Haliwell realised that he would be found guilty and has admitted his crime in an attempt to get a more lenient sentence.

Source: dailypost.co.uk