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Taxi Driver Almost Crashes After Close Encounter With Wallaby!

Wallabies are not normally associated with Cambridgeshire but there was one on the loose in the county’s roads and it nearly caused cab driver Tamas Tarjan to crash. He spotted the animal on the A603 at around 3am in the Barton area. Tarjan said it was right in the centre of the road and was easily the strangest thing he has ever seen while driving. The police were contacted and managed to find the wallaby but allowed it to remain in a nearby garden after seeking advice from animal experts.

Believe it or not, there are actually groups of escaped wallabies living in Britain and if you go into the wild of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, you may just spot one. It is likely that this curious wallaby was an escaped pet however. Rebecca Willers works at Shepreth Wildlife Park and stated that because wallabies travel in packs, it is unlikely that this escapee was initially part of a group. She also doesn’t believe that a wallaby would travel all the way to Cambridgeshire by itself.

Tarjan has three female passengers and was dropping them home when he spotted the wallaby. He believed it was a deer when he first saw it. However, once he pulled over and turned on his hazard lights, he couldn’t believe his eyes as he flashed a torch on the wallaby before it ran into a field nearby. One of his passengers called the police but they didn’t believe her at first so Tarjan phoned them again. This time, they sent two cars.

Cambridgeshire police confirmed that their officers left the wallaby alone as they listened to the advice of animal experts including wildlife parks and the RSCPA. The police contacted wallaby owners in the area but none had an animal missing. Oddly enough, in 2006, another driver claimed to have seen a wallaby in Cambridgeshire near Warboys. Clearly, the county’s air agrees with them!

Source: bbc.co.uk