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Taxi Driver Delivers Baby In Edinburgh

Taxi driver Alan Simpson knows how unpredictable life as a taxi driver can be but even he must have been shocked to get called out on a routine fare only to become a part-time midwife! Simpson is from Musselburgh and spoke of what he found when he arrived at a house in Broomhouse Court. He was greeted by a man who was clearly panicking and could not speak a great deal of English. The man’s name is Zoltan Dobos and although Simpson couldn’t understand the problem, he agreed to accompany the man into his house.

Dobos ran to Simpson’s windows shouting something about his wife and indicated that the cab driver should follow him into the house. Simpson arrived in the house and found a woman, Adrienn Lendvai, lying on the floor in great distress with a baby’s head sticking out. Simpson was extremely worried because his own wife had suffered from the same issue during childbirth and knew that something had to be done immediately.

He called 999 emergency services and the paramedic showed great professionalism in calming Simpson down and helping him deal with the situation. First of all, the cab driver was told to get some blankets and towels for the baby. He saw that the child came out very quickly and looked healthy but the mother had turned white with dark lips and looked ready to pass out due to the extreme blood loss she suffered. The paramedic advised Simpson to get Dobos to massage the woman’s stomach until the stomach went hard. The purpose of this was to stop the bleeding and it worked. Adrienn was taken to hospital overnight. Simpson was delighted that everything worked out in the end but stated that he did no more than want anyone else would have. He also asserted that it was the strangest fare he’s ever had.

The child is called Anthony and shocked his parents because he had not been due for several more weeks. The couple have lived in Edinburgh for over three years since moving to the city from Hungary. Simpson had been called originally in order to take the couple to hospital but the child was born so fast that they didn’t have time. Anthony is the fourth child the couple have had.

Source: bbcnews.co.uk