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Taxi Driver In Wales Bitten On Cheek By Passenger

It seems as if cab drivers are not safe from any form of attack. A Welsh taxi driver found this out to his cost after a drunken passenger attacked him and bit him on the cheek. Leighton Sparkes picked up Steven Davies which may have been a mistake since Davies had ridden in a cab with Sparkes on a previous occasion and didn’t have any money to pay. On this occasion, Sparkes made sure Davies had the money but what he didn’t know was that Davies had consumed 10 pints of beer and was in a drunk and aggressive state.

It transpired that Davies had once again lied to Sparkes because halfway through the journey, he suddenly announced that he didn’t have enough money to meet the fare. Naturally, Sparkes was extremely angry and stopped the cab. He told Davies to leave the taxi but wasn’t expecting what happened next. Davies suddenly leaned forward and bit the driver on the cheek and left ear.

During the attack, the handbrake began to roll forward but thankfully, Sparkes reacted fast and grabbed it. Davies later contacted the cab firm only to find that they were going to press charges against him. The accused phoned the police in what can only be described as a pre-emptive strike by claiming he was the victim of an assault.

The case was heard in Swansea Crown Court with Huw Wallace taking on the role as Davies’ defence lawyer. He admitted that his client had consumed 10 pints of beer before the attack and also stated that Davies had an alcohol problem but was actively trying to deal with it. These excuses did not sit well with Judge Michael Burr who described the incident as a disgraceful and unpleasant attack. In the end, Davies was sentenced to eight months in prison.

Source: thisissouthwales.co.uk