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Taxi Driver’s Wife With Artificial Legs Not Allowed Use Disabled Space Outside Home Because Of Cycle Lane

Anita Gatherum needs crutches to get around because she has artificial legs and also has a specially designed car which can be controlled with only her hands. Outside of her home lies a disabled parking space so one would imagine that this is extremely convenient for her. It would be, expect for the fact that Fife Council don’t want her using it because of the supposed problems it could cause local cyclists.

Fraser Renfrew is a cab driver and Anita’s partner and he is furious at this decision. There is a 10 metre cycle lane in the road where her parking spot should be which means she cannot use something that would be of tremendous assistance to her. The cab driver and his partner are irate and baffled at the same time because the cycle lane is located on a quiet residential area and is hardly ever used. In actual fact, local residents park on the cycle lane on a regular basis. Yet the Fife Council are sticking to their guns and saying that the lane can’t be used as a parking space.

Anita works at a hotel in the town and is trying to make the best of a situation that is causing unnecessary hardship. Not having parking close to her house is an issue that leads to large amounts of stress for Anita and Fraser. Her partner said that Anita finds it impossible to bring shopping to the house. In fact, Fraser often has to come home during one of his shifts in order to help her bring groceries into the house.

Although there is a disabled space in the area, it is still too great a distance to expect Anita to walk with artificial legs and crutches. At present, the couple live in a property that is above street level so she has to climb stairs in order to get into the house. According to Richard Hamer of Capability Scotland, it is imperative that disabled people are allowed to park close to their home in order to make it easy to get from their car to their house. Yet Colin Gilbert, a housing officer for the Fife Council, coldly stated that the living arrangements of tenants would only be changed if a council review deemed it to be necessary.

Source: dailyrecord.co.uk