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Taxis Allowed In Edinburgh’s Waverly Station After U-Turn

Network Rail chiefs have had a change of heart relating to their ban on taxis in Edinburgh’s Waverly Station. Earlier in 2012, it had been announced that taxis would no longer be allowed in the train station which outraged cab drivers at the time. The ban was ostensibly an anti-terrorist measure and it was said to have been permanent when the announcement was made.

However, Network Rail announced recently that a secure entry system would be put in place in order to enable taxis access to the busy train station. The arrangement is a dual measure by Edinburgh Council and Network Rail and it is hoped that it will be in place by January 2013. Specialised disabled organisation vehicles will continue to have the current level of access. Private vehicle drop offs will now be available in Market Street with free short-term parking to be placed in a car park at New Street.

David Simpson is the managing director of Network Rail’s Scottish routes and he was delighted with the announcement. He stated that a controlled number of taxis will continue using the facilities on offer at the station. He believes that this new arrangement will improve the existing environment, especially when the new enhancements are taken into account.

Councillor Lesley Hinds is the transport convenor for Edinburgh City Council and was also delighted with the news. She stated that the council and Network Rail realised that a balancing act between safety and access to the station was deemed necessary. This is especially the case when it comes to the elderly and those who have issues with mobility.

Source: bbc.co.uk