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The Scottish Green List Praises Taxi Drivers

The 20 leading green supporters in Scotland were recently revealed by the Scotsman, including taxi drivers in the long list of businesses, individuals and groups recognised on the list. The Scottish Green List, which has been running for two years, is designed to celebrate ongoing green work around the country.

A huge variety of campaigners and activities are recognised on the list, including pupils from Borestone Primary, Stirling, who help local companies cut down their carbon emissions, and a company that helps to turn roads into massive solar panels.

Taxis were on the top 20 list, specifically Colin Paton, director of Calder Cabs in East Calder, West Lothian, who is helping to prove that taxi companies can still be profitable when working to become more “green”.

Some of the measures adopted include replacing the taxi fleet with petrol-electric hybrid cars, which has helped to cut out five tonnes of emissions every year.

The company are testing paperless credit card payments to cut down on resources used, and are setting up recycling facilities alongside an eco-driving course.

The buses are also starting to go more green, with the Lothian Buses’ environmental manager, Steve Johnson, working to make the vehicles more sustainable. Measures include recycling waste left on buses, and encouraging employees to cycle, rather than driver, to work.

Chairman of the Scottish Sustainable Development Forum, Evan Williams, said that: “For the second year in a row the Scottish Green List is bringing ground-breaking and inspirational projects to the fore”.