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Unfortunate Cab Driver Stabbed By Sex Crazed Passenger

Nicolae Stan is a Romanian cab driver who found that saying ‘no’ to a female passenger got him into a lot of trouble. Luminita Perijoc is an Angelina Jolie look-alike who is believed to have flew into a rage because of medication she is taking. Stan was stabbed multiple times by Perijoc after refusing to have sex with her. He had already had sex with his attacker twice including oral sex at knifepoint.

The story began when Perijoc asked the cabbie to help her move bags into her house. However, once he went inside her apartment, Perijoc demanded that the driver have sex with her. When he refused, she pulled out a knife and forced him to take off his clothes. Police are currently investigating the matter and understand that Perijoc was taking medication at the time. Stan’s life has been less than pleasant ever since as friends have mocked him for turning down an attractive woman.

Of course, none of them were in the same situation and cannot understand the terror and shock Stan must have felt when trapped in Perijoc’s apartment. The cab driver has now found unwanted celebrity because of the incident. He stated that no one could understand why he refused her advances but pointed out that none of them know what it is like to have a crazy attacker shout obscenities at them at knifepoint.

He said that people look at pictures of her and then look at him and laugh. However, Stan said that few men would be able to perform with a knife at their throat, no matter how beautiful the woman was. He says that Perijoc asked him to help her with her bags but when they got upstairs, she brought him into the kitchen and demanded sex. It is worth pointing out that Stan is married and has three children. Clearly, the cab driver is loyal to his wife and kids which is admirable in an age of promiscuity.

The driver continued by saying that he believed she was not used to being refused because she became incredibly angry when he said no. Stan said that Perijoc pulled out a knife and forced him to undress and have sex with her. He was attacked with a knife when he refused a third bout of intercourse and was forced to give her oral sex. Stan eventually managed to flee to a bedroom and lock himself in before calling the police. He was taken to hospital with numerous stab wounds. It is said that Perijoc is a massive fan of Angelina Jolie and models herself on the Hollywood actress.

Source: dailymail.co.uk