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Worcester Taxi Drivers Breaking The Law Repeatedly

Thanks to the investigative efforts of Keith Rowberry, there is photographic evidence of Worcester cab drivers breaking the law by queuing on double yellow lines within the town. Rowberry, who is disabled and holds a blue badge, was collecting his wife from work one evening when he spotted three cabs parked illegally on double yellow lines. The main taxi rank on St Swithin’s Street was full so cabs were queuing up on the lines.

The great irony is that the cab rank was recently installed as a means of giving drivers somewhere to wait for fares. Worcester’s taxi drivers association claims that drivers are only waiting for a matter of seconds on most occasions and only when the city centre is extremely busy. However, parking chiefs in Worcester will not accept this excuse and are primed to crack down on any illegal parking they see.

Rowberry took the photos on weekdays between 5-6pm when collected his wife from her workplace. He uses the disabled bays across from where the cabs are queuing because he suffers from chronic osteoarthritis and is forced to use walking sticks to get around. He pointed out that the cabs were parked in a manner which forced women with pushchairs to walk in the middle of the road as they couldn’t get past taxis parked on the pavement. He also stated that there are occasions where it is impossible to pull out or reverse in because the cabs have blocked the street. Rowberry has written to the council and is adamant that drivers have no excuses because if anyone else did this they would be fined.

Tariq Mahmood is the chairman of Worcester’s Taxi Driver’s Association and admits that cab drivers should not be queuing in the street because there are 10 spaces in the main rank. However, he said that drivers were sometimes forced to wait for a few minutes or else they have to take a half mile loop. Andy Chinn from the local council vowed to punish any driver who queues on Trinity Street illegally. He said that drivers will be asked to move along and if they refuse, they will be issued with a ticket.

Source: worcesternews.co.uk