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Workington Cabbies Want Taxi Rank At Jane Street

Allendale Council has a problem with taxi rank congestion at the Washington Street rank. This is causing drivers to be banned and is also leading to a great deal of resentment. One option was to put the night-time rank in Risman Place but this has sparked opposition because it is a heavily populated area at night and would lead to nightly rat-runs. Murray Road, Udale Street and Jane Street are other options with cabbies believed to prefer Jane Street.

Local cabbies believe it is the best spot simply because other proposed areas are unsuitable. They are united in their opposition to Risman Place since it could lead to windows being smashed and a large level of public urination. If the rank was placed in Jane Street, any traffic overflow could spill into the Central Station car park which would be perfectly ok.

Taxi drivers pointed out that Hackney carriages shouldn’t be prevented from picking up fares from Washington street and that the town’s drivers needed somewhere to go. Another reason why Jane Street is preferable is because it is far safer than other options. The town centre is a non-starter according to cab drivers because the granite in the square is expensive and the council will not want car oil damaging it. Yet more cab drivers are happy for the taxi rank to remain as it is, stating that the police can remove people if it becomes too crowded.

Other drivers suggested that Risman Place wouldn’t happen because it would force members of the public to choose the first cab without trying to bargain down prices. There was once a taxi rank at Risman Place with most drivers acknowledging that people wouldn’t go to Murray Road at night for a taxi. It was also stated that even if a rank is added to Jane Street, most cabbies will still go to Washington Place looking for fares.

Source: timesandstar.co.uk