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Wycombe Taxi Drivers To Launch £1 To Town Scheme

Cab drivers in Wycombe are trying out a new scheme in order to help locals distinguish between Hackney cabs and private-hire taxis. Interestingly, passengers going to High Wycombe that flag down an on-duty Hackney cab between 9pm-4am will only have to pay £1 fare per person. This scheme is going to last until the end of 2012.

The whole point of this offer is to help raise awareness amongst local customers regarding the difference between private hire and Hackney cabs. The law states that private-hire cabs can only be booked in advance whereas Hackney cabs can be hired on the spot. According to Ghulam Rasool, a local cab driver and spokesman, it seems as if passengers are not aware that they can simply flag down a taxi on the road. He says that many people still believe it is necessary to book a cab in advance or hire at a taxi rank.

He pointed out that Hackney cabs are just like London’s famous black cabs which can be hailed from any place at anytime. He urged passengers to begin waving down taxis when they see them approaching because the driver will pick you up if he doesn’t already have a fare in his cab. He explained the rationale behind the scheme. Rasool knows that Christmas is a busy period for shoppers and he believes that local residents will appreciate having this service over the festive season. He said that it is a great service to the community and one that will benefit everyone going forward.

Local Hackney cab firms have not ruled out making it a permanent offer if it is a success. There are an estimated 100 cabs in the area, half of which are black cabs while the other half are regular cars with a clear ‘Taxi’ sign on top. While some cabbies are in favour of the scheme, others are more concerned.

One driver asked what would happen if customers who benefited from the scheme going into town hired a cab late at night in the other direction only to find it no longer cost a pound. If they were drunk, problems may arise. However, Wycombe drivers seem to generally be in favour of the scheme and it will be interesting to see if it is a success.

Source: bucksfreepress.co.uk